Partner with us for IT architecture services aligned with your business needs. We offer architecture from scratch or redesigns to transform legacy systems. Our experienced team will dig deep into your goals and build an architecture that bridges your IT and business, providing a foundation for evolvability.


With this one-off, fixed-scope service, our experienced software engineers evaluate your current architecture and provide actionable steps for improvement.
With our architecture design services, we design and build the target architecture for your upcoming project, giving your project a strong foundation.
We offer team extension with varying levels of scope. Our specialists provide architecture services, to help steer your project in the right direction for long-term cost-effectiveness, and ensure your system is built to be evolvable.
With a focus on strategic patterns, our Discovery team enables you to design the ideal system to meet your needs by leveraging best practices in Domain Driven Design.


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Requirement discovery

Through workshops and an initial discovery, we work closely with you to analyze your business, goals, and products. We then define the requirements and parameters of our future cooperation.

Initial draft

Our project team produces an initial draft of the proposed IT architecture or buid PoCs if needed. We then share and discuss any adjustments required.


With the initial draft approved, we make sure no stone is left unturned. We coven and calibrate precisely with your existing setup for seamless integration.

Approval and handoff

Together, we ensure your architecture is integrated effectively. Then we get your approval on everything that has been built before handing you the keys.

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Banking & finance

Banking & Finance



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