Newly developed cross-platform mobile app for the workflow management system. 

Workofo is an artificial intelligence platform, which recommends optimal staff levels with a 15-minute precision. It is a startup that offers workflow management systems with the aim of optimizing labor schedules based on anticipated customer traffic and unique business needs.


The challenge of the project was to handle numerous clients/apps for a single backend while also developing a sophisticated but functional mobile app UI for employee work schedules. Softeta's goal was to establish a flexible environment that could handle many requests from multiple clients at the same time, as well as generate and develop new features.


We worked closely with the customer support team of Workofo. After a close examination of the team's work patterns, we provided our expertise, assisted the business in polishing the development processes, and incorporated top-quality practices. Softeta worked in a highly changeable sphere and dynamic work environment of a client's business.


A wide range of deployed technological improvement techniques, Workofo has not only implemented various new features in a web application but also developed a new cross-platform mobile app with push notifications.