COFIS ERP is a system dedicated to utility management businesses operating throughout Lithuania, Spain, Poland, and Latvia. In order to meet client’s objectives and goals, SOFTETA focused on both the business analysis and technical development of the project.

challenge | Problem

    From the business organization side, newly established project team faced tough working environment and strong resistance to reanalyzing the business requirements. The challenge of the project was to make the client's project team perform their tasks qualitatively and effectively as well as foster a healthy working environment. SOFTETA’s objectives were to improve communication, team management, increase team’s productivity and overall performance.
From the technical development side, client’s goals included the centralization and standardization of recently purchased businesses in foreign markets, as well as the rapid technological advancement of remote collaboration, facilitated by the pandemic. SOFTETA’s goals were to assist in the transition to a new ERP system that would replace out-of-date IT systems and allow a more efficient allow a streamline and fiction-less remote business process.


In order to improve the business organization, we devised and implemented an improvement strategy for the team and the organization as a whole. SOFTETA assisted the project team with novel ways of effective internal communication as well as time and workflow management, allowing the client to create a healthy working environment and facilitate positive change within the team. In order to enhance technical improvement, SOFTETA worked on the E2E delivery, formed a scrum team that delivered numerous micro-services, while also contributing to the overall architecture of the system. We have used a DDD methodology in planning and implementation, as well as successfully estimated deliveries with 90% accuracy (78/88 US completed on time).

Technologies used:





  1. 1 Softeta has achieved the client’s objectives in both business and technical aspects of the project. The team's overall performance has advanced considerably as a result of improved internal communication, more efficient time management, adequate deadlines, and general task management.
  2. 2 At the same time, technical improvements included the ERP solution and its considerably expanded Survey, Voting, Approval, and Accounting functions, as well as a future proof evolvable system with a significant ability to scale functionality in terms of user increase.

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