We will make IT an essential part of your business strategy. With 15+ years of know-how in IT consulting, IT strategy consulting, and IT management consulting services, we can deliver a tailored strategy or stand-alone projects, integrating both platform-based and custom solutions.

Experience more streamlined and flexible workflow that will generate more revenue.

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Transition management
We’ll consult you on the best path and solutions, and then take control of the implementation, leaving you free to concentrate on other parts of your business.
Process digitalization
We will digitalize your existing processes, making them more efficient, profitable, and customer friendly. Create new revenue streams through your data and optimize results.
Architecture design
Ensure that your digital services or updates have the strongest foundations. We leverage best practices to design robust custom-built solutions that can be integrated into existing platforms.
Technology consultancy
We provide a comprehensive IT and software consultancy service over a range of technologies, ranging from PHP, JavaScript, through to C++ and full stack frameworks like Ruby on Rails, etc.
Project management
Increase efficiency, performance and results. With over 15+ years in the business, we have the IT consulting experience it takes to manage a wide range of undertakings, be they standalone projects or part of your larger IT strategy.
IT strategy
Ensure maximum sustainable value for your business by improving your IT capabilities. We will use our extensive experience to create an IT Strategic plan documenting all steps, deliverables and timelines needed to optimize your IT performance.
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What We Offer as a Partner

Communication makes or breaks a project. At Softeta, we ensure you connect with the project decision-maker right away. And they communicate clearly and effectively to ensure all project stakeholders are on the same page.

At Softeta, we think fast and act faster. Our in-house team is on hand to kick off your project as soon as the requirements are set and ready.

With years of track record, our experts handle all IT issues, touching on everything from complex technological issues through to team management and support. And we bring this know-how to every new project.

We adapt fast, identifying and filling any gap in your IT processes, and we are ready to jump in at any stage of the developmental process. We will partner closely with you to ensure that you deliver the kind of innovative solutions the market needs.

We guarantee that everything we do will be united by one aim - ensuring you get the best results.

We dig deep as we work and you can be rest assured that any data we gather as we go will be shared with you and put to work for your benefit.
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Success stories

See how our tailored solutions are helping our partners grow.

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An expert contacts you shortly after receiving and processing your request.
We sign an NDA to ensure the confidentiality of the information and start detailing your project needs and requirements.
We first dive in and analyze your project, then prepare the proposal. Discuss it with you and make the needed adjustments if needed. 
We sign the contract and start delivering the project.