Business Analysis
In Softeta we bring sustainable business value and identify bottlenecks that might be interfering with your software efficiency. Our IT business analysts are fluent in both business and tech, and take part in every stage of the development process to deliver the solution in a gradual, step-by-step fashion.

Our services. products and create meaningful user and customer experiences that convert into tangible business results.

Build tailored proposal
We conduct a thorough analysis of your business, looking for places where potential changes could make it easier for you to achieve your objectives.
BA audit
We’ll examine and evaluate every part of your IT system, conduct a business process analysis, and, if necessary, a business intelligence analysis.
Project documentation
We draw up all the documentation necessary for the project, including user guides, requirements specifications, and more.
Project Support
We provide ongoing business process analysis services for the duration of a specific project.
We compare the processes in place at your business with best industry practices and the processes implemented by leading industry players to identify areas for potential improvement.
Data managment
We centralize storage, automate existing flows, build databases, and enrich your existing data with that obtained from third parties.
Automatic dashboard
We develop and set up an automated dashboard that allows you to track, analyze, and report on key performance indicators and other metrics.
IT transofrmation
We assess your IT systems to boost efficiency and improve its overall alignment with broader organizational goals, providing IT transformation and IT transformation consulting.
Build tailored proposal

What We Offer as a Partner

Communication makes or breaks a project. At Softeta, we ensure you connect with the project decision-maker right away. And they communicate clearly and effectively to ensure all project stakeholders are on the same page.

At Softeta, we think fast and act faster. Our in-house team is on hand to kick off your project as soon as the requirements are set and ready.

Our IT business analysts have years of experience working on diverse projects across a wide variety of areas. And we bring this know-how to every new project to deliver a solution that’s optimal for your business.

Softeta has mastered over 50 different techniques and methods of IT business analysis, from simple concepts like brainstorming to more complex like business rules analysis. We know every tool needed to understand your business at the deepest possible level.

What matters to your business in the end is increased revenue and profits, not having a specific technology running in the background. That’s why our main goal is to help you achieve your business objectives.

We are not interested in delivering superficial results, instead we dig down to the core to obtain the clearest picture of the underlying dynamics. Then we create an easy-to-understand summary and share our findings with you. With this information, you will be able to improve your overall decision-making both today and in the future.
Build tailored proposal

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What happens next?
An expert contacts you shortly after receiving and processing your request.
We sign an NDA to ensure the confidentiality of the information and start detailing your project needs and requirements.
We first dive in and analyze your project, then prepare the proposal. Discuss it with you and make the needed adjustments if needed. 
We sign the contract and start delivering the project.